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Julian Assange: US Engaging in Lawfare & Losing Legitimacy

Julian Assange - August 2014; Photo:  David G Silvers CC BY-SA 2.0

Julian Assange – August 2014; Photo: David G Silvers CC BY-SA 2.0

Julian Assange, editor in chief and cofounder of wikileaks, said in a recent interview with Radio New Zealand that the US is engaged in a form of “Lawfare,” where it expands it’s territory and influence by pushing it’s legal jurisdiction into as many countries as possible.

Assange and Wikileaks are under criminal investigation by United States authorities for prosecution under the Espionage Act for publishing military and diplomatic documents leaked by Chelsea Manning. He is currently in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has been granted political asylum. Leaked documents indicate that Assange is being investigated by a federal grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia and that there is a sealed indictment on him. Speaking on this matter, Assange said:

That jurisdiction is simply picked because it has the highest density of government employees: it’s 5 kilometers from the center of Washington DC, it has CIA, DHS, the IRS etc. within the area.

The US brags that Alexandria Virginia is involved in pushing US law into more than 67 different jurisdictions. This is something in academia… called ‘lawfare’, the concept of getting access to territory by pushing your laws into other territory instead of your military…. and that’s partly what the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is about.

Speaking to the harsh treatment of whistle-blowers as a deterrent to future whistle-blowers, Assange said that the United States is losing it’s legitimacy, and that this is what is causing more and more people to step forward to expose the government’s hypocrisy.

Snowden has told me… that part of his reason was the clear injustice that was meted out in the case against Chelsea Manning. The legitimacy of the authority that he was dealing with was reduced. Authority comes from A. Power, but B. legitimacy. When authority acts in a hypocritical way, doesn’t follow it’s own laws or standards or it’s own constitution, doesn’t act in a just way, then it’s effective authority is reduced, because it’s not seen to be legitimate any more and that does stimulate others to come forward.

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