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UFO Sighting Explained as Naval Missile Test

Witnesses from southern California to Arizona took video and reported sightings of a unidentified flying object (UFO) early Friday evening. The LA Times reports that the UFO was a naval test fire off the Southern California coast, specifically a Trident II missile test flight.

It appears that the military gave vague advanced warnings of “maneuvers” over the Pacific that would force LAX to redirect air traffic.

The nature of the UFO casts some doubt on the official explanation:

Not. I saw the whole thing. It did not travel . It stayed in one spot, exploded and disintigrated into green smoke or gas. We don’t have to believe what they tell us.

We spotted an object moving horizontally in the sky from south to north, with just a vapr trail and no plume of flame. The object then exploded followed by a very bizarre high speed debris field, then some rotating laser like flashing. which led to the videos everyone else is showing after all this happened.

It begs the question: why was this test performed over a heavily populated area at a time when it was sure to be witnessed by hundreds if not thousands of people? The Daily Sheeple says about the test:

It’s also the same sort of irresponsible and bellicose show of force that every dying empire gives in its final days. It’s a sign that our government can no longer dominate the planet by conventional means. If they could, this nuclear display would be unnecessary.

I would add that it’s also a display for the American people to remind us of who is in charge. As a government loses legitimacy, it must rely more and more on violence and fear to maintain it’s power.

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