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Reality Check: Proof U.S. Government Wanted ISIS To Emerge In Syria

Ben Swann explains that the US and the West were fully aware that they were supporting, arming and training Salafist extremists in the Syrian Civil War against Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria. The US, the West in general and Gulf Countries such as Saudi Arabia supported, funded, trained and backed insurgents and opposition forces in Syria while Russia, China and Iran supported Assad and his government. This is known.

How Iraq is Involved

When the US invaded Iraq and disposed Saddam Hussein it disbanded the Baathist military, barred them from government positions but let them keep their weapons. These Baathists then went on to join Sunni insurgent groups and fight against the US. When US forces pulled out of Iraq in 2011 a further purge of the military and government expelled even more Sunnis who would go on to join insurgent groups.

These expelled Sunni’s, with military experience and established networks throughout Iraq, became the backbone of ISIS in Iraq. The United States’ toppling of Saddam and support of insurgents in Syria is what laid the groundwork for ISIS’ foundation and rapid expansion.
The reason terrorism exists is because of US intervention in the Middle East. It exists because of US support of brutal Gulf State kingdoms. And it exists because of US support of insurgent groups in the Middle East.

The US and it’s allies further benefit from terrorism as it excuses expansion of mass surveillance of their citizens and swells defense budgets. It justifies more wars for more resources. It rallies citizens to support invasion of sovereign nations and toppling of governments. Terrorism is the gift that keeps on giving for the ruling elite.

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