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ISIS Recruitment Video Says US is Run byLiars, Fornicators and US Corporate Interests

ISIS Recruitment Video

A slick ISIS recruitment video has been released by Live Leak. The video digs into some harsh truths about the United States, while mixing in it’s usual calls for violent jihad and the expansion of it’s totalitarian theocracy across the globe.

The video states some of the following:

  • That the US is led by liars (George W. Bush), fornicators (Bill Clinton) and corporations. Kind of hard to dispute.
  • That there is “no difference between an Arab and a non Arab, or a black man and a white man, except through piety.” Maybe ISIS has been taking some lessons in civil rights from the Nation State that had a hand in creating it?
    ISIS Recruitment Video race.png
  • The high cost of the US War on Terror has cost us trillions. This statement is quite true. Unfortunately, the misadventures of our oil seeking corporate plutocracy has cost the US as much as $5 trillion.

Now if only the advocates of liberty and truth had the same marketing talent and resources at our disposal!

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