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Ron Paul: “US elections a ‘charade’”

Colorado’s process of electing GOP delegates drew condemnation from front-runner Donald Trump and voters alike. But he’s not the first politician to get shut-out of a rigged system. Former Republican candidate Dr. Ron Paul discusses what he calls the ‘charade’ of US elections with RT America’s Lindsay France.

“It’s a rotten system. I see elections as so much of a charade; so much deceit goes on.” Ron Paul says of the current presidential race. “I’ve worked on the assumption that for many, many decades that whether it’s a Republican or Democrat president the people who want to keep the status-quo seem to their finger in the pot and control things.”

Paul was speaking specifically of delegate rules in the primary process for the Republican nomination, but expanded his criticism of the entire electoral in the US, saying that the public is starting to realize how corrupt the system is.

“It’s a great discovery…. The American people are waking up,” Dr. Paul said, but he cautioned that neither political party has the answers to the country’s problems, “I’m still firmly convinced that, philosophical, that Republicans and Democrats aren’t much different, and that’s all that counts.”

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