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Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt picked to run the Pentagon’s surveillance programs

The rising technocratic elite is getting cozy with beltway bureaucratic power. This is in spite of high profile showdowns between the government and technology companies over encryption. Silicon Valley, much like Wall Street, will become an important part of maintaining the system’s control over us all. For further reading on Google’s relationship with the government, see this article at the Intercept.

By: D. Samuelson
News Target

According to Bloomberg Business, as of fiscal year 2014, Eric Schmidt, Ph.D. has an annual compensation of over $100,000,000. Eric Schmidt is best known for being the Executive Chairman of Google, Inc. since April, 2011 and Alphabet, Inc. since October 2015. His extensive resume included decades at the nexus of entrepreneurship, technology and research. And now, big government can be added to his curriculum vitae. He’ll be working with the Defense Department, as the Common Sense Show’s Dave Hodges explains:

“Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced his intention to establish what he’s calling a Defense Innovation Advisory Board, meant to provide advice to the Department of Defense from a Silicon Valley point of view. Carter’s lead choice to head up this new board is no stranger to violating electronic privacy. Carter’s choice is former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt… There is no doubt that these moves were made to avoid the public appearance of impropriety. As Google technology moves to supersede existing technology, Schmidt, still bolstered by his present Google retirement stock will be there to guide America’s obliteration of the Fourth Amendment, to the financial benefit of Google and to the detriment of our cherished Bill of Rights.”

Dear Mr. Hodges. It’s much worse than that.

One goal of the Defense Innovation Advisory Board is to get solutions to Department of Defense problems – like what? Freedom in America?

Here’s what the Defense Department says about this new (or perhaps not so new) Defense Innovation Advisory Board:

“The board’s mandate is to provide department leaders independent advice on innovative and adaptive means to address future organizational and cultural challenges, including the use of technology alternatives, streamlined project management processes and approaches – all with the goal of identifying quick solutions to DoD problems.

“The Defense Innovation Advisory Board will seek to advise the department on areas that are deeply familiar to Silicon Valley companies, such as rapid prototyping, iterative product development, complex data analysis in business decision making, the use of mobile and cloud applications, and organizational information sharing.”

What is organizational information sharing? Google. Nazi. The coming Transhuman Totalitarian Scientific Dictatorship.

Continued at News Target

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