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Al Qaeda Adopts Political Correctness?

Inspire Guide

Al Qaeda has apparently taken a “politically correct” stance in it’s terror war on the United States. While praising the recent Orlando night club attacks, Inspire Magazine advised avoiding targets “where minorities are generally found” because “the federal government will be the one taking full responsibility”. The magazine, which is published by Al Qaeda and is marketed toward lone wolf terrorists, advises “targeting areas where the Anglo-Saxon community is generally concentrated”. Perhaps Al Qaeda feels that debates around gay rights, gun control and homophobia over shadowed the horrific terrorist attack in Orlando earlier this month. Indeed, the New York Times published an opinion piece linking the Orlando attacks to home-grown homophobia found in the Republican party and Donald Trump.

Al Qaeda’s influence on the global terror scene has been waning in the years since the 9/11 terror attacks. The Islamic State has recently become the preeminent terror organization, perpetrating or inspiring attacks such as the San Bernardino shootings, the Paris attacks and the Orlando night club shooting.

The US has a long history of arming, training and funding both Al Qaeda and ISIS in it’s wars in the Middle East. It is unfortunate and entirely unnecessary that we US citizens must suffer the blowback of the War on Terror; be we, white, black, brown, homosexual or heterosexual. In addition to being targeted by terrorist attacks, we must also suffer under an ever expanding police state in response to terrorist attacks perpetrated by terrorist organizations of our government’s own making.

Read more about “Inspire guide: Orlando operation” at Foreign Desk News.

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