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Dallas Police Shooter Identified as Former US Soldier

Micah Xavier Johnson, the suspected shooter behind the police shooting in Dallas on Thursday, is a former US soldier who was deployed to Afghanistan in 2013. Does this explain the appearance of combat training in this video of the shooting?

Warning! Graphic footage:


The suspected shooter in the Dallas attack on police officers was a former enlisted Army reservist who served for six years, including a stint in Afghanistan, personnel officials said on Friday.

Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, who allegedly shot and killed five law enforcement officers — including four Dallas police officers and a Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer, two of whom were also military veterans — entered the Army Reserve in March 2009 at age 18 from his home of record at the time in Mesquite, Texas, the service said in a statement to Military.com.

Johnson was a private first class (E-3) at the time of discharge in April 2015, the Army said. His junior rank after so many years in the service may stem from a sexual harassment case he faced, a source told Military.com. Johnson was a carpentry and masonry specialist with a military occupational specialty of 12W, the service said.

Johnson was assigned to an engineer brigade in Seagoville, Texas, in September 2013 and was activated that same month to support Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, where he served with the 420th Engineer Brigade from November 2013 to July 2014. He ended his time in uniform with the same unit.

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One thought on “Dallas Police Shooter Identified as Former US Soldier

  1. He was in the military??? Just like Lee Harvey Oswald. This is not surprising at all.


    Posted by awakeblackman | July 10, 2016, 6:36 pm

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