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Election Justice USA report: Bernie Sanders may have won the primary if it weren’t for election fraud

Election Justice USA has released a report claiming that widespread voter fraud in the 2016 Democratic primaries may have led to Bernie Sanders losing up to 184 pledged delegates. These lost delegates would have made up for the 359 pledged delegate gap between the two candidates. Truth Axis has reported on some irregularities caught on video here and here. Election Justice USA is a national coalition of seasoned election integrity experts, attorneys, statisticians, journalists and activists. Below is an excerpt from the conclusion of Election Justice’s report. Read the entire report here.

We have aimed to provide an overview of the evidence for various types of fraud and targeted voter suppression impacting the outcomes of the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries. After covering the legal background and the history of Election Justice USA’s legal actions, our best efforts to combat election fraud and voter suppression, we gave a thorough treatment of:

  1. Targeted voter suppression
  2. Registration tampering
  3. Illegal voter purges
  4. Exit polling discrepancies
  5. Evidence for voting machine tampering
  6. The security (or lack thereof) of various voting machine types

Finally, we gave a date-by-date, state-by-state overview of each of these fraud or suppression types at work throughout the course of the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries.

Based on this work, Election Justice USA has established an upper estimate of 184 pledged delegates lost by Senator Bernie Sanders as a consequence of specific irregularities and instances of fraud. Adding these delegates to Senator Sanders’ pledged delegate total and subtracting the same number from Hillary Clinton’s total would more than erase the 359 pledged delegate gap between the two candidates. EJUSA established the upper estimate through exit polling data, statistical analysis by precinct size, and attention to the details of Democratic proportional awarding of national delegates. Even small changes in vote shares in critical states like Massachusetts and New York could have substantially changed the media narrative surrounding the primaries in ways that would likely have had far reaching consequences for Senator Sanders’ campaign.

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