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Canada Day bomb plot couple freed after judge rules police entrapped them

The only terrorist plots that the police ever stop are the ones that they plan themselves. Apparently this holds true for Canada, too.

The Guardian

A Canadian couple found guilty of planting homemade bombs outside a government building will walk free after a court in British Columbia ruled the pair was entrapped by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) into carrying out a “police-manufactured crime”.

John Nuttall, 41, and Amanda Korody, 33, were found guilty of terror charges last year after they planted inert pressure cooker bombs on the steps of British Columbia’s provincial legislature in 2013, ahead of Canada Day celebrations that drew thousands of revellers to the area.

The verdict was thrown out on Friday, after BC supreme court justice Catherine Bruce said the RCMP had manipulated the two converts to Islam into carrying out the plot.

“This was a clear case of police-manufactured crime,” Bruce wrote in her ruling. “The world has enough terrorists. We do not need the police to create more out of marginalized people.”

The judge pointed to the couple’s mental capacity to back the assertion that the crime had been instigated by police.

“The defendants also demonstrated that they were not very intelligent, gullible and quite naive and child-like,” she said of Nuttall and Korody, who were dependent on social assistance to get by as they struggled to overcome emotional and addiction issues.

The couple posed no imminent threat, she said. “To say they were unsophisticated is generous.” Both had been facing a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The judge sided with defence’s argument that the couple had been entrapped during a five-month undercover police operation involving some 240 police officers.

“Without the police it would have been impossible for the defendants to carry out the pressure-cooker plan … The police decided they had to aggressively engineer and plan for Nuttall and Korody and make them think it was their own,” said Bruce. “The defendants were the foot soldiers but the undercover officer was the leader of the group.”


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