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Presidential candidate Clinton says removing Assad in Syria is No. 1 priority

Hillary Clinton reaffirms her commitment to toppling Nation States and leaders that are inconvenient to US interests in the Middle East.

Reuters reports:

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday said removing President Bashar al-Assad is the top priority in Syria.

Clinton, speaking at a town hall meeting in Hollis, said the United States should pursue a diplomatic solution in resolving Syria’s internal conflict.

The military and political strategies deployed by the US imply that the West is only after preserving “puppet states” through which it can have more dominance over the Middle East.

Since the breakout of war in Syria and the expansion of turmoil in the region, the US has tried to back and fund militant groups that are pro-western and part of its so-called coalition partners.

In Syria, where Washington claims to seek the demise of ISIS terrorists, it provided support for the militants fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. US policy and intervention in the Middle East has directly contributed to the funding of terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda and ISIS.

CIA arms sent to Syrian rebels supply the black market in the region and end up in the hands of terrorists. It is clear that the US wanted ISIS itself or similar organizations to emerge in Syria to destabilize and topple Assad.

Clinton’s remarks about removing Assad from power are consistent with US actions in the Middle East, and reveal that she is just as committed to the globalist and interventionist agendas of the ruling class, banksters, and the rich and powerful interests who profit from war and terrorism.

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