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NYC Democratic Election Commissioner, “They Bus People Around to Vote”

In this new video released by Project Veritas, James O’Keefe exposes what everyone except Hillary Clinton supporters have known to be true. There is a lot of voter fraud.

In the video, NYC Democratic Commissioner of the Board of Elections Alan Schulkin is caught on hidden camera at a United Federation of Teachers holiday party on December 15, 2015, admitting that there is widespread voter fraud in New York City.

“I think there’s a lot of voter fraud. Like I say, people don’t realize, certain neigborhoods in particular, they bus people around to vote,” Schulkin said, seeming to imply that voters in New York are voting more than once, “They bus them around. They put them in a bus and go poll site to poll site.”

“Yeah, they should ask for your ID. I think there is a lot of voter fraud,” said Schulkin, who elaborated on the types of voter fraud that are taking place in New York.

“You know, I don’t think it’s too much to ask somebody to show some kind of an ID…Like I say, people don’t realize, certain neighborhoods in particular they bus people around to vote,” said Schulkin.

This wouldn’t be the only instance of grassroot level voting fraud that is occurring. In February of this year, voting fraud was caught on camera at at least two Democratic Caucases. In Nevada unregistered caucsers appeared to be brought in to ensure Hillary Clinton was nominated for the Democratic presidential candidacy and in Iowa a second round of voting counted absent caucasers for Clinton.

Truth Axis has no horse in this race; rather we think it is important to highlight the fact that American “democracy” is a sham. The banksters, ruling elite, and ruling class will always ensure that their candidate wins.

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