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CIA Twitter posts UFO pic and instructions for reporting and photographing UFO sightings – possible Limited Hangout underway


The CIA tweeted a photo of a UFO along with a link to blog posts with tips on how to photograph and report UFOs. “Trying to Photograph a UFO?” the tweet wryly asks.

With the apparent confirmation of the existence of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAPs) it appears that the CIA is preparing the public for further revelations. The question remains whether any subsequent releases of information will be real aliens, or fake aliens. Either could be the case.

The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) was only recently acknowledged to have existed, and the $22 billion program was supposedly shut down in 2012. However, the program has remained in operation with funding from “so-called black money,” according to retired Senator Harry Reid. The AATIP operated in the Pentagon and investigated UAP sightings from within the military, most notably the recently released USS Nimitz footage of a UAP recorded by two F-18 fighers.

These recent revelations along with CIA involvement indicate an apparent shift in the Government’s agenda with regards to how it handles the existence of UFOs, UAPs, and the existence of intelligent alien life. To what end does this agenda shift represent? We can only speculate. We may be witnessing a limited hangout, or a controlled release of information meant to obscure further truths and revelations while satiating the public’s interest. Former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Victor Marchetti described a limited hangout as:

spy jargon for a favorite and frequently used gimmick of the clandestine professionals. When their veil of secrecy is shredded and they can no longer rely on a phony cover story to misinform the public, they resort to admitting—sometimes even volunteering—some of the truth while still managing to withhold the key and damaging facts in the case. The public, however, is usually so intrigued by the new information that it never thinks to pursue the matter further.

We may also be witnessing a PYSOP, or “psychological operation”. The purpose of United States psychological operations is to induce or reinforce behavior favorable to government policies and objectives.

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