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What Are The Truths That Were Never Told?

By Kashmir Szasz

The story of Jesus Christ, or at least the orthodox religious version, has been described as “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” The story of Jesus is familiar enough to anyone who ever went to Sunday school, or who has taken a comparative religions class. Indeed, in the Western world the Jesus story permeates the wide culture in many ways because of the fact that Christianity is the dominant religious tradition in the Western world, and has been since the fourth century. However, author George Wilkinson offers a new take on the origins of Christianity and the story of Jesus Christ that will certainly blow the mind of the reader. In his book, “Jesus is the Criminal from the Planet Uranus,” Wilkinson describes what might well be the biggest cover up by institutional authorities in history.

The traditions and writings that have been passed down for the ancient world tell many tales of supernatural occurrences, and beings that seemingly possessed super human powers. There are ancient writings that describe non-human figures that possessed human-like traits. The world’s religious traditions have postulated alternative realms of existence where gods, angels, devils, and spirits are not only real but interact with human affairs. Of course, modern scientific and philosophical thinking rejects such propositions. The prevailing consensus among scientists and philosophers is that “this is all there is.” But such a proposition raises a fundamental question. What exactly is “this”? This fascinating book by George Wilkinson helps to shed some light on the subject. Wilkinson suggests that the religious figures of the ancient world were perhaps real, living beings, but not in the way that the traditionally religious suppose. Instead, Wilkinson suggests that the ancient religious figures that possesses supernatural powers and seemingly superhuman abilities were “in the world but not of the world” to use an ironic phrase

In the biblical Gospel of John, Jesus Christ is depicted as telling his followers, “They are not of the world just as I am not of the world.” Traditional Christian theology has interpreted this passage to mean that the message of Christ was that his followers just live in the world as human beings, but not conform to the evils of the world such as war, greed, and hate, but to love their neighbors as themselves. However, George Wilkinson provides evidence that when Jesus said he was not “of this world” he literally meant that he was not from Earth, but from another world in space. Wilkinson is not the first scholar or intellectual figure to suggest that perhaps the supernatural occurrences that are reported by ancient writings are not merely myths or tales, but historic traditions that have some basis in fact. Certainly, there has been a range of science fiction projects that have explored the idea that the origin of religion is not rooted in the mere human imagination but in human encounters with celestial beings that they simply did not understand at the time.

Certainly, the biblical character of Jesus resembles an extraterrestrial in many ways. He is reported to have magical powers with regard to healing and turning objects into different forms, such as water into wine or making large volumes of food appear. It is likely that a being that arrived on Earth from another world would certainly power abilities beyond those of ordinary human beings, and such a figure would be regarded as a god-like figure by humans, particularly in an ancient Roman culture where such beliefs were already highly common anyway. Indeed, evidence of human encounters with extraterrestrial life continues to appear at various times even in the contemporary world. For example, several decades ago the author Whitley Strieber described his own encounters with forms of intelligent life that were not native to Earth and the ways in which his life was profoundly changed afterward. Nearly a quarter century ago, the author John E. Mack published a voluminous study of human beings that have claimed to have had encounters with alien life as well. The artist David Huggins has written of his encounters with extraterrestrial life.

The number of intelligent, educated and sophisticated people that have reported such experiences are far too numerous to simply be dismissed as liars, stupid, cranks, or hucksters. However, many of the people that have reported such experiences have largely rendered personal accounts of their experiences with regard to the impact of these on their own lives. Yet George Wilkinson takes his examination of human interaction with the extraterrestrial to a whole new level. His interest is not in the impact of encounters of these kinds on individuals but on societies, cultures, and history. What if the “man” who became the Western world’s focus of veneration was indeed a supernatural being from elsewhere?

What if the “Lord Jesus Christ” as he is called in pious Christian language was indeed a cosmic force, but not the “son” of the ancient Jewish god Yahweh, as his earliest followers supposed? What if Jesus was instead a being from a planet within our own solar system, and the primitive Palestinian peasants that he encountered naturally regarded his as a god that was descended from their national god, Yahweh? And what if the being that came to be identified as Buddha in Asian culture was in fact a rival of Jesus from another planet as well? Certainly, these are fascinating possibilities to consider. George Wilkinson has performed a great service on behalf of the human quest for knowledge and discovery. His book is a valuable contribution to the study of many different topics, ranging from theology to the examination of the origin and nature of extraterrestrial life.


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