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The Wilkinson Thesis and Astro-theology

By Kashmir Szasz Astro-theology is a field of study that is relatively new in the scholarly realm but which is oriented toward the development of a range of new ideas concerning the origins of religious beliefs and practices. The film “Zeitgeist” that was released a few years ago helped to popularize the idea of astro-theology … Continue reading

What Are The Truths That Were Never Told?

By Kashmir Szasz The story of Jesus Christ, or at least the orthodox religious version, has been described as “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” The story of Jesus is familiar enough to anyone who ever went to Sunday school, or who has taken a comparative religions class. Indeed, in the Western world the Jesus story … Continue reading

Discovering the Truth about the Historical Jesus: A Multi-Faceted Approach

By Bruce Simmons The recently published work by George Wilkinson, “Jesus is the Criminal from the Planet Uranus,” which offers a revisionist explanation of the basis of the historical Jesus story that has been a centerpiece for the Christian religion for 2000 years, has recently been reviewed by Stephen Michael Tomlinson. As a reviewer, Tomlinson … Continue reading

Where the New Age, UFOology and Christianity Intersect

Where the New Age, UFOology and Christianity Intersect A discussion of George Wilkinson’s “Jesus in the Criminal from the Planet Uranus,” available from Amazon.Com By Stephen Michael Tomlinson The “Gods and Aliens” website maintains a series of discussions that examine the work of George Wilkinson, an author who might best be described as a hybrid … Continue reading

The 30 Greatest “Conspiracy Theories”

The mainstream media never explains why some topics should be off the table for discussion, analysis and debate. By H. E. Hunt Telegraph The moon landings are just one of many things some people think were faked. Thanks to the power of the web and live broadcasts on television, the conspiracy theories surrounding the events … Continue reading