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Intelligence agencies pounce on Paris attacks to pursue spy agenda

The Guardian Government officials are wasting no time in attempting to exploit the tragedy in Paris to pass invasive anti-privacy laws and acquire extraordinary new powers that they have wanted for years. In the process, they are making incredibly dishonest arguments and are receiving virtually no pushback from the media. Absent any actual information or … Continue reading

9/11 incident one of the biggest lies told to Americans: Former CIA contractor

Listen to the interview at Press TV The September 11, 2001 incident in the United States is one of the biggest lies that have been told to the American people, a former CIA contractor says. Steven D Kelley made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Thursday while commenting on a report which … Continue reading

Break in at the University of Washington targets files related to lawsuit against CIA

Police are investigating the theft of material related to a recent lawsuit filed against the CIA. It is missing after a suspicious break-in at the UW’s Center for Human Rights. The break-in and theft coincides with a visit by CIA Director John Brennan, who was at the University of Washington to speak at the UW … Continue reading

ISIS Training Video Shows US Equipment in Background

ISIS training video clearly shows US equipment in the background. The official story is that the Islamic State’s initial rampage through Iraq allowed them to pillage Iraqi and American weapons and supplies. Testimony from battle field commanders paint a picture of orders to retreat from superiors well ahead of ISIS advances.