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Most Americans are one paycheck away from the street

Marketwatch.com Some 63% of people can’t deal with a $500 emergency Americans are starting 2016 with more job security, but most are still theoretically only one paycheck away from the street. Approximately 63% of Americans have no emergency savings for things such as a $1,000 emergency room visit or a $500 car repair, according to … Continue reading

Apocalyptic Scenes: Drone footage shows destruction in Jobar, Damascus

‘Almost too late’: fears of global superbug crisis in wake of antibiotic misuse

The Guardian It is “almost too late” to stop a global superbug crisis caused by the misuse of antibiotics, a leading expert has warned. Scientists have a “50-50” chance of salvaging existing antibiotics from bacteria which has become resistant to its effects, according to Dr David Brown. The director at Antibiotic Research UK, whose discoveries … Continue reading

Flint, Michigan, tried to save money on water. Now its children have lead poisoning.

Vox The water in Flint, Michigan, poisoned the town’s children with lead for months. Now the mayor of Flint has declared a state of emergency, saying that the elevated lead levels will have long-lasting effects in its children. Four percent of the town’s children have elevated levels of lead in their bloodstream — double the … Continue reading

Was there a U.S.-backed economic war on Venezuela?

A number of Venezuelans have noted that basic goods have begun appearing on store shelves in the country following the December 6 victory of the right-wing opposition. Some goods appearing on shelves are months expired, suggesting that they have been in the country but have been with held from the market. The US has long … Continue reading

Top 100 CEO Retirement Savings Equals 41% of U.S. Families

Bloomberg reports that the 100 largest CEO retirement funds are worth a combined $4.9 billion; which is as much as the combined retirement accounts of 41 percent of US families. Many of these retirement funds and benefits packages are for CEO’s of company’s with high CEO-to-worker retirement gaps. The retirement savings accumulated by just 100 … Continue reading

Iran to Join BRICS Development Bank

Iran’s Deputy Economy Minister Mohammad Khazaee has stated that his country will hopefully join the New Development Bank (NDB), formerly known as BRICS Development Bank. Tasnim News reports that the comments were made on the sidelines of a gathering of Iranian and Brazilian tradesmen in Tehran. The bank is to have total capital of $100 … Continue reading