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Why robots, not trade, are behind so many factory job losses

Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump blames Mexico and China for stealing millions of jobs from the United States. He might want to bash the robots instead. Despite the Republican presidential nominee’s charge that “we don’t make anything anymore,” manufacturing is still flourishing in America. Problem is, factories don’t need as many people as … Continue reading

The Government’s Insane War On Tiny Homes and Humanity

My Tiny House Project LA

World’s 400 Richest People Lose $127 Billion on Brexit

It’s a hardknock life for the richest people in the world. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index showed a crushing $127 billion loss on Friday in the wake of the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union. The index tracks the wealth of the 400 richest people in the world. Read more at Bloomberg.com

US Government Declaring All Out War on Tiny House Living

Isaac Davis, Staff Waking Times The tiny house movement is one of the latest innovations in personal freedom from an overly consumeristic and a debt-driven society. Many people construct tiny houses themselves, often but not always on wheels, for a fraction of the cost of typical housing. In a tiny home, one has everything needed … Continue reading

Declassified Clinton Email Shows the Truth About Libya

A recently unclassified US Department of State memo shows that Western interests in the 2011 Libya Civil War were more about oil, gold, and regional power than democracy and freedom for Libyans. The email, from Sidney Blumenthal to Hilary Clinton, lays out the reasons for French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s interest in the conflict. The email … Continue reading

Most Americans are one paycheck away from the street

Marketwatch.com Some 63% of people can’t deal with a $500 emergency Americans are starting 2016 with more job security, but most are still theoretically only one paycheck away from the street. Approximately 63% of Americans have no emergency savings for things such as a $1,000 emergency room visit or a $500 car repair, according to … Continue reading

1 out of 4 Americans think the Government is their enemy

27% of Americans view the federal government as their enemy according to a Pew Research Center poll which was released in November. That number is up from 19% in 1996. While there appears to be some partisan division with a Democrat in the White House, there still remains broad popular revulsion with the government. 35% … Continue reading

Top 100 CEO Retirement Savings Equals 41% of U.S. Families

Bloomberg reports that the 100 largest CEO retirement funds are worth a combined $4.9 billion; which is as much as the combined retirement accounts of 41 percent of US families. Many of these retirement funds and benefits packages are for CEO’s of company’s with high CEO-to-worker retirement gaps. The retirement savings accumulated by just 100 … Continue reading