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Guns don’t kill people

Now you’re safe from terrorist attacks….

Meme of the Day: You’re with HER now!

Meme of the Day: Brexit

Will Americans who are now cursing the decision of a sovereign nation to break from an unelected, overreaching, unaccountable governmental power be celebrating the upcoming 4th of July holiday?

Government Watch Lists

In 1963, Martin Luther King was a gun owner on an FBI watch list.https://t.co/xN8vQDQAnJ — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) June 22, 2016 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

Meme of the Day: Yes you need a gun

One of them will be our next President. Yes, you need a gun.

Meme of the Day: The Definition of Insanity

Meme of the Day: No one spends $1,000 to give random kids drugs

Halloween looms on the horizon like a rising Harvest Moon, and with its approach comes the perennial onslaught of scare stories about drug fiends trying to poison “The Children.” The Jackson, Mississippi Police Department was one of many that used their Facebook page to disseminate a warning about Ecstasy pills that were deviously disguised to … Continue reading

Meme of the Day: There is No Such Thing as Gun Control

Meme of the Day: Governments…..