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Oakland sues Monsanto for contamination of San Francisco Bay

OAKLAND, CA – Today Oakland City Attorney Barbara J. Parker filed a lawsuit to hold the Monsanto chemical company accountable for its long-standing contamination of Oakland’s storm water and the San Francisco Bay with highly toxic Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCBs). Monsanto produced PCBs for approximately 50 years until the U.S. Congress banned them because they endanger … Continue reading

French Monsanto research site damaged in suspected arson attack

Reuters Oct 28 A Monsanto research centre in western France suffered heavy fire damage in a suspected arson attack early Wednesday morning, the official in charge of the site said. The official, Jakob Witten, said police investigators “strongly suspect it was a crime as no electrical or other sources were found.” The fire was ignited … Continue reading

Tampons, sterile cotton, sanitary pads contaminated with glyphosate – study

RT The vast majority ‒ 85 percent ‒ of tampons, cotton and sanitary products tested in a new Argentinian study contained glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, ruled a likely carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Meanwhile, 62 percent of the samples tested positive for AMPA, glyphosate’s metabolite, according to the study, which … Continue reading

Monsanto’s Stock Is Tanking. Is the Company’s Own Excitement About GMOs Backfiring?

Mother Jones Pity Monsanto, the genetically modified seed and agrichemical giant. Its share price has plunged 25 percent since the spring. Market prices for corn and soybeans are in the dumps, meaning Monsanto’s main customers—farmers who specialize in those crops—have less money to spend on its pricey seeds and flagship herbicide (which recently got named … Continue reading