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Local Police Using CIA-funded Software to Track All Citizens’ Social Media Posts

The New American Local police departments are using software developed by a CIA-funded company to monitor citizens’ social media posts and their physical locations in real time 24 hours a day. Stories from across the country have revealed that several local law enforcement agencies — in Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Oakland among others — and … Continue reading

Yahoo Email Scanner Was Installed by Government — News from Antiwar.com

Yahoo Email Scanner Was Installed by Government | Software could’ve given NSA much more access than just emails Source: Yahoo Email Scanner Was Installed by Government — News from Antiwar.com Former employees of Yahoo have corroborated this week’s stories about the company scanning all emails coming into their servers on behalf of the NSA, saying … Continue reading

Police Introduce ‘Restraining Bags’ in Escalation of War Against the Mentally Ill

Manufactured by DeSantis Gunhide, a division of HELGEN Industries Inc., the EDP bag, which is an acronym for ’emotionally disturbed person,’ retails from $750 to $899 and has already been used hundreds of times in 2016 by the NYPD. As reported by Gothamist, the EDP bag was used 122 times in a 110 day period … Continue reading

Baltimore Police Secretly Running Aerial Mass Surveillance Eye in the Sky

ACLU by Jay Stanley Bloomberg Businessweek reported late Tuesday that the Baltimore police have been subjecting that city to a vast and powerful aerial surveillance system since January, without telling, let alone asking, the public that they serve. This is a big deal. This system, known as “wide-area surveillance” and run by an Ohio company … Continue reading

Cash Strapped New Jersey Town Proposes Traffic Ticket Blitz to Raise Money

Plenty of cities and towns operate speed traps as thinly disguised revenue generating schemes. But few cities come right out and say it. Paterson, New Jersey, with a population of about 146,000, has proposed a plan to generate $3 million in new annual revenue by increasing the number of traffic tickets it’s police department issues … Continue reading

False Flags and Their Deceptive History

The Last American Vagabond

DEA regularly mines Americans’ travel records to seize millions in cash

Civilian Asset Forfeiture and the War on Drugs are both cash cows for the domestic police state. USA Today WASHINGTON — Federal drug agents regularly mine Americans’ travel information to profile people who might be ferrying money for narcotics traffickers — though they almost never use what they learn to make arrests or build criminal … Continue reading

Cops mistook Krispy Kreme doughnut glaze for meth

Earlier this month ProPublica published a lengthy article the horrible rate of false positives produced by common roadside drug tests used by law enforcement. Potentially tens of thousands of people are serving prison sentences due to faulty drug tests performed during traffic stops. The Orlando Sentinel reports on a case in Florida where doughnut glaze … Continue reading

Sales of Riot Control Gear Predicted to Soar Globally

Sputnik News A new report details that the market for the manufacture and sale of riot control systems worldwide is growing at an alarming rate, as increasingly authoritarian governments prepare for ethnic unrest, religious riots, political disputes, and violence against corrupt officials and organizations. Over the next five years, the market for crowd control tools … Continue reading

Meme of the Day: the so-called war on police

The Dallas police shooting brought police deaths to an all-time low, with 34 being murdered for the year to date, on pace for 55 for the year. 2015 saw 56 murdered in the line of duty, down from 139 in 1976 and far below another spike during Prohibition of Alcohol when officer deaths per year … Continue reading