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“They will register after”; Hillary Clinton supporters caucusing without registering

"They will register after" HRC supporters caucusing w/o registering. #NVDemsCaucus @BernieSanders @NationalNursesU pic.twitter.com/5DZT8A3dzp — Wesley van Dyken (@andiwonderthis) February 20, 2016 Grassroots level fraud is being committed by the Clinton campaign to ensure she gets the Democratic nomination for the presidency. In Iowa her supporters lied about vote counting. In New Hampshire, Clinton won more … Continue reading

Clinton Precint Chair Lied About Vote Couting Last Night; on Camera

The above video is from the second round of voting in Precint 43 in Des Moines, Iowa. The first vote was: 215 Sanders 210 Clinton 26 O’Malley 8 Undecided 459 TOTAL Following this vote, a second vote was conducted, the results of which are in the video above. From a commenter: After this, the groups … Continue reading

Oh boy was Hillary Clinton wrong on Iraq

2014 – Hillary Clinton laughs about the “hard choices” of sending US soldiers to the Middle East, while admitting she made a mistake voting to authorize the Iraq War. 2011 – Hillary Clinton is excited about Iraq’s promising future as a business opportunity for US companies and Oil. 2002 – Hillary Clinton parrots Bush, Cheney, … Continue reading

Secrecy Shuts Down a National-Security Debate

The Atlantic Although Tuesday night’s Republican debate had a heavy focus on national security, candidates devolved frequently into posturing and bravado. But when, finally, a real debate over national-security policy began to peek through the fog, it was quickly shut down. It began with a question about government surveillance directed at two of the three … Continue reading

Trump highly disliked, widely known due to constant media coverage

A Gallup Poll has found that Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is the most disliked of front running candidates. Paradoxically, he is also the second best known candidate. 59% of those polled held unfavourable opinion of Trump while 91% said that they were familiar with him, a number beat only by Democrat Presidential hopeful Hillary … Continue reading

ISIS Attacks are Excuses for Censorship and Disarmament

The Paris terrorist attacks and San Bernardino shootings have ushered in a new era of urban terror. The combined death toll of both attacks was 146 dead with hundreds wounded. The response from American politicians, law enforcement and intelligence departments has varied, but is unified in their calls for expansion of government power to fight … Continue reading

Trump Smear Campaign Run By Clinton Supporters?

Why is a long time political activist and Hillary Clinton backer smearing Donald Trump in the name of Bernie Sanders? Deport Racism, a political action committee, features a video of cursing children on it’s website. The target of the childish expletives is Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. The accusation against Trump is racism against Latinos, … Continue reading