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Fireball Over Tasmanian Sky

An interesting optical effect caused by the sun has made this airplane look like a giant fireball over the horizon, prompting reports of a UFO over Tasmania. The Singular Fortean Society has posted a couple of pictures of the phenomena that more clearly show an airplane.

MASS Sighting! “Unidentified” Objects Enter Earth’s Atmosphere

From Secure Team 10. Reports coming in from across the West Coast.

NASA SILENT On Artificial Object Heading Towards Earth

Video by: SecureTeam10 Original article from NASA: Asteroid 2010 KQ: Probably a Rocket Body Don Yeomans, Paul Chodas and Steve Chesley NASA/JPL Near-Earth Object Program Office May 27, 2010 A small asteroid-like object has been discovered in an orbit about the Sun that is so similar to the Earth’s orbit that scientists strongly suspect it … Continue reading

CIA releases two new articles on UFOs

The new X-Files miniseries premières this Sunday and the CIA has released two new articles on UFOs! Maybe our light-hearted friends at the CIA are taking a break from terrorizing the global population on behalf of our overlords to participate in American pop culture? How To Investigate a Flying Saucer Southbound on a lone desert … Continue reading

What are UFOs? New Study Aims to Find Out

Space.com A new science project launched in 2015 with a lofty goal: to record data on reported sightings of “Unidentified Flying Objects” (or UFOs) in the hopes of identifying what they are. The group is called “UFODATA” – short for UFO Detection And TrAcking – and is based on building a network of automated surveillance … Continue reading

UFOs Emerge From Clouds Over Grand Rapids, MI

NASA Photo Shows Possible UFO Over Mars

A NASA photo taken on Mars shows a possible Unidentified Flying Object hovering on the horizon. Original: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/proj/msl/redops/ods/surface/sol/01183/opgs/edr/rcam/RLB_502516568EDR_F0511430RHAZ00313M_.JPG UFO Sightings Daily It has a dark disk and is not an anomaly stuck to the lens. I checked other photos from the same camera and it is not there, therefore its not on the lens. Ancient-Code … Continue reading

Alien megastructure: Brian Cox says Dyson Sphere around distant star ‘wouldn’t be horrendously surprising’

International Business Times by Hannah Osborne Professor Brian Cox has said that if an advanced alien civilisation had built a megastructure to harness energy from its star, it would not be “horrendously surprising”. The physicist was speaking about the possibility of an alien megastructure around the star KIC 8462852 on Shaun Keavney’s BBC Radio 6 … Continue reading

UFO over Midrand, South Africa; Real or Hoax?

This image, purportedly of a UFO mothership coming out of cloak, has gone viral on Facebook with over 2,400 shares so far. Chatter seems to indicate that multiple ships have been spotted across the world…. Is this real? Or a hoax only made possible by modern social media? Let’s assume it is entirely real for … Continue reading

Mysterious City Appears in Clouds Over China

Video has emerged of a mysterious city appearing in the clouds over Guangdong Provence, China. Speculation about the incident is rampant, from a parallel universe opening up in the clouds, to a government test of Project Blue Beam, a theorized NASA project that aims to bring New World Government to the global population. More sober … Continue reading