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The war between the police and the people continues. Widespread ownership of camera phones and body cameras have revealed the brutality, absurdity, and sometimes lethality of everyday interactions with the police. This is making the police and the government uncomfortable, so a state law limiting access to police camera footage comes as no surprise.


RALEIGH (WTVD) — Motivated by the controversial police officer-involved shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota, and the terror in Texas that unfolded after a Black Lives Matter march, Gov. Pat McCrory signed the Body Cam bill into law.

McCrory signed House Bill 972 on Monday afternoon.

The new law details who can view and obtain footage from body and dashboard camera. The footage is no longer public record.

If you are in the video, either your image or your audio, you can request the file. The request could be denied, however, and then you’ll have to take the fight to Superior Court.

McCrory says technology can mislead and misinform.

“My goal is to protect those who protect us,” he said.

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